Find the Right Flower Based on Your Star Sign

Flowers in Dubai Online

Every zodiac sign has a compatible flower. Understanding your zodiac sign and what it represents makes it easier for you to find the best flower for yourself or someone dear to your heart. You can find these flowers in Dubai online.

The Flower Match for an Aries

Thistle and Honeysuckle flowers are the ones for an Aries. The thistle flower can be connected with aggressiveness, protection, and pride. Honeysuckle signifies joy devoted to affection in the form of a lover’s embrace.

Flower Match for a Taurus

The Taurus flower is Rose, Poppy, and Foxglove flowers.  A Rose signifies “passionate love”, the ancient Greeks link the Rose with Aphrodite and Venus, “the goddess of love”.

Flower Match for a Gemini

The flowers of a Gemini are Lavender and Lily of the valley flowers. The lavender flower signifies calmness, devotion, serenity, purity, silence, and grace. Lily of the valley means “return to happiness” during Victorian times, it was said to be linked with motherhood, chastity, and sweetness.

Flower Match for a Cancer

The white flower is best for a Cancer. White flowers can be bold and dazzling, they can also be gentle and self-effacing. White roses stand for youthfulness, purity, and freedom from guilt.

Flower Match for a Leo

Marigold and Sunflower are ideal for Leos. Marigold is often said to be “the herb of the sun”, which represents even creativity and passion. Sunflowers embody devotion, esteem, and longevity. The sunflower is the flower of happiness.

Flower Match for a Scorpio

Dark red flowers like Geraniums are the birth flower of a Scorpio. A geranium signifies friendship and wishes of good health.

Flower Match for a Virgo

Vibrant small flowers are ideal for a Virgo for example, the Buttercup flower. The buttercup flower symbolizes humility and neatness because of its distinct lines and organized petals.

Flower Match for a Libra

The Libra birth flowers are Bluebells and Large Rose flowers. A bluebell flower stands for gratitude, humility, and everlasting love.

Flower Match for a Sagittarius

The birth flower of a Sagittarius is Carnation flowers. This flower represents motherly love, fascination, and distinction.

Flower Match for a Capricorn

Pansy and Ivy flowers are the birth flowers of a Capricorn. The pansy signifies the admiration of love for another. An ivy flower represents strong affectionate attachment, fidelity, and eternity.

Flower Match for an Aquarius

The flower match for an Aquarius is Orchids. An Orchid flower is related to Virility, beauty, luxury, love, and strength.

Flower Match for a Pisces

Water Lily flowers are the perfect match flowers for a Pisces. They are symbols for fertility, pleasure, wellness, rebirth, hope, peace, and celebration.