Precautions to Take to Avoid a Car Tyre Blow Out

No one loves it when their tyres blow out. It means inconvenience and spending more money. So, it isn’t fun at all. In Dubai, tyre bursts are a common phenomenon. And tyre bursts are caused by many factors, some beyond our control. And with the high tyre prices in Dubai, it becomes expensive to do replacements all the time

But what is a tyre blowout? This is the loss of pressure in a tyre to a juncture where the tyre cannot stay intact, rendering it incapable, and destroying it completely. Tyre blowouts can happen at any time.

Remember, there is a difference between a blowout and deflation. The former can is often a result of cracks or slow puncture, which takes place over some time. However, a blowout happens all of a sudden.

So, can you avoid tyre blowout? Based on the tyre type, there are steps you can leverage to prevent tyre blowout. In this article, we share some of these tips to help you protect your vehicle tyres.

Avoid Over Speeding

By overspeeding, it does not only mean you are exceeding your vehicle’s recommended tyre speed, but it also means you should adhere to the speed limit while you are on the highway, especially on concrete terrains.

Surfaces made of concrete tend to absorb a lot of heat as compared to tar-made roads. Most roads in Dubai tend to heat up pretty fast, and this in turn, prompts blowouts, perhaps the high number of incidents.

Driving within the recommended speed limit allows you to control your car effectively even the tyre blowout.

Take Multiple Pit-Stops

Many car drivers in Dubai travel for long distances, to Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, and yonder places. As such, they are exposed to hot surfaces consistently, which may increase the risk of a tyre burst because of buildup pressure.

Driving within the stipulated speed limit and breaking every once in a while, reduces the risks of a tyre burst as a result of speed and heat. Braking cools down the tyres and also puts you in peace. So, if you are on a 4-hour drive, you can make a stop for a coffee after two hours of driving.

Regularly Check the Car Tyre Pressure

When you check your car tyre often, you are making sure they are operating under the manufacturer’s recommendation for pressure and you’re also able to identify slow puncture if it exists.

Therefore, consider doing this at least every other week. This will keep you on the edge of things, more so if you are concerned about the tyres. Lastly, take your car to reliable gas stations for a pressure checkup and think about getting a tyre pressure gauge of your Pirelli tyres Dubai set if you don’t have to for a fuel station air pressure gauge.