Five Tips to Identify a High-Quality Carpet

Carpet Manufacturers in UAE

A combination of several factors is responsible for making carpets beautiful and resistant. Carpet Dubai certainly owns a wide collection of different materials and colors. Not all are the same and each of them have their own unique features. If you want high durability, there is a different variant to choose and if you are more inclined towards beauty, there are options for that too.

Here are five quick tips for you before you head out shopping for carpets. Choose the finest of the lot with these five tips.


Higher weight doesn’t mean it is of excellent quality. Face Weight or the weight of carpet pile per square yard can be counted as just one among many factors. This factor is not the only one determining the durability. However, it is important to note that higher weight is not an indicator of quality. Beware of manufacturers who claim that weight is equivalent to quality.


Density needs to be checked and plays a huge role in determining performance of carpets. Density relates to the way fibers are attached closely to each other. Closely attached fibers mean more amount of fibers occupying the surface. If the density is low, resistance will be heavily compromised. On the other hand, higher density means it will last for a long period of time.

Turns Per Inch

The number of times the fibers are twisted is called turns per inch. The more it is twisted, the higher will be the quality. You can simply look at the carpet or ask the supplier to get an idea of the number of twists. If you are adamant about choosing only the best one, such minute details should be taken into consideration.


Some are resistant to stain, some are more durable while some are cozy and comfortable. You have to pick one that is best for your requirements. If you want the floor covering in an area that is going to experience coming and going of too many people, you should select a material accordingly. Nylon, olefin, polyester, wool are the most common fiber types. If stain resistance and other features are your top priority, choose the Iranian carpet.


This is really important. Cross check whether manufacturer is offering warranty for carpet. Warranty relieves you from the burden of maintenance. You will not have to remain clueless if it wears out sooner than expected or has any other defects. Everything will be covered under the warranty offer by the manufacturer. Be sure about the kind of warranty too. Which problems are covered by warranty? What solutions will be provided? Seek clarification regarding these matters.


These are the five tips that will benefit you immensely while choosing carpets. Visit for the best deal on carpets and explore a wide range of products under one roof.